15 February 2013

New Product Announcement
LEJ Plus

Two new Longman titles have been released - "LDOCE5 Plus" and "LEJ Plus"

"LDOCE Plus" combines the best selling Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Edition with the Longman Activator Thesaurus into a powerful new English Advanced Learners Reference tool.

"LEJ Plus" combines the Longman English-Japanese Dictionary with a large Japanese to English word list made from EDICT.

To celebrate the start of sales for these titles, they will be at half price for a limited time only.

These apps can be found at the following links in the App Store:

>> LDOCE5 Plus

>> LEJ Plus

NOTE These are completely new applications and are not to be confused with updates of the previous LDOCE and LEJ titles.

IMPORTANT For customers who have already purchased LDOCE and LEJ apps, there is no need to purchase these new apps as the previous apps will be supported with free updates.

Please check back to this page for more details or send an email to the support address inside the application.

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